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MCLEAN, Virginia, September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – RunSafe Safety, in partnership with CIQ, now provides the most advanced cybersecurity protection tools available to Rocky Linux users. RunSafe Security’s patented Alkemist technology gives users the tools to defeat cyber attacks using cyber hardening technologies and is now integrated into CIQ’s platform, developed to offer dedicated support options to businesses and organizations using Rocky Linux.

“RunSafe’s partnership with CIQ provides Rocky Linux users with high protection against vulnerabilities, as our Alkemist software was created specifically to protect open source users,” said Joseph saunders, CEO of RunSafe. “It is the only automated cyber hardening tool that protects open source, internally developed code and third-party binaries, while leaving each system functionally identical and logically unique.

RunSafe is now integrated with the Rocky Linux operating system and can be deployed remotely, using patented Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) and Moving Target Defense (MTD) techniques for a complete cyber defense transformation. Rocky Linux’s cyber hardening with RunSafe’s Alkemist platform prevents bad actors from taking control of software, prevents existing vulnerabilities from spreading to multiple devices, and keeps developers focused on what they do best: developing new software.

“The Rocky Linux community deserves built-in, world-class protections, so developers and operators can focus on new features and avoid downtime,” said Greg kurtzer, CEO and founder of CIQ. “Our customers will benefit from the ultimate supply chain protection, as easily as downloading protected packages and ISOs from our distribution. It will be a game-changer for our customers in the future.”

The CIQ and RunSafe partnership will make RunSafe Alkemist: Code technology readily available to Rocky Linux users, helping to prevent attackers from gaining control of their software. This virtually unbreakable code integrates seamlessly into the “build” stage of the pipeline without slowing the development cycle or slowing down execution speeds. This is the first step in leaving attackers with nowhere to hide.

RunSafe’s Alkemist program also offers two other technologies to strengthen software protection efforts:

  • Alkemist: Flare. Current scanning technology misses 50% of vulnerabilities, and runtime application monitoring technology misses precise indicators of hidden threats. This leaves software vulnerable to unexpected attacks and downtime. Alkemist: Flare continuously monitors the health of the system while running. It provides indicators of stability, reliability and vulnerability while instantly reporting failures and potential attacks.
  • Alkemist: Repo. This technology allows users to download pre-hardened open source packages where security protections are already applied. Alkemist: Repo facilitates patching and updating processes and protects open source software even when a patch or patch is not available.

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CIQ started with the goal of empowering people and communities on the basis of a single but important principle: people matter. We know what it’s like to build networks from scratch – we’re programmers and engineers too. So we understand what is needed to provide smart support with enterprise software that empowers people to do great things. CIQ has already been favorably rated by Forbes, TechRepublic, TechRadar and ZDNet; while Rocky Linux is fully supported and backed by some of the world’s biggest retail and tech titans including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Learn more about CIQ at:

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Situated at McLean, Virginia, RunSafe Security’s mission is to immunize software from cyberattacks and disrupt the hacker economy without friction of developers. RunSafe’s patented technology inoculates customer systems against a whole class of cyberattacks by stopping the infection at its source. RunSafe Security’s clients span critical infrastructure, IIoT, automotive, medical, DevSecOps, cloud workloads, and national security use cases. Learn more about:

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